What is it?

At Darcor, we believe in the quality and reliability of our products and the benefits that they deliver to our clients. One of the main benefits that we deliver is a reduction in injuries, which is a huge workplace issue. In the U.S. alone, serious overexertion injuries are the top cause of workplace injuries, costing businesses more than $12 billion each year1. Beyond the direct cost to businesses, preventable workplace injuries have a serious impact on both employee engagement and workplace morale.

It is for the reasons mentioned above that we have started the Darcor Challenge. We are using the Darcor Challenge as a way to educate the public as to the human and financial benefits of purchasing high performance casters. We have found that by letting customers try maneuvering identical carts, one fitted with Darcor casters and the other with a competitor’s casters, they quickly understand how high performance casters can reduce workplace injuries.

1Liberty Mutual Insurance Company's Workplace Safety Index 2006