Why Darcor

For more than 75 years, Darcor has been helping companies in every industry to keep things rolling more easily, safely, quietly, and reliably. We believe there are four main reasons you should consider purchasing Darcor's high performance casters:

  • Performance

    Whether you are trying to keep your assembly line up or reduce workplace injuries – Darcor’s award winning casters are the best performing in the world.

  • Safety

    Darcor casters are the safest in the world and are the output of significant investments in R&D, product design and testing. When you buy Darcor casters, beyond the benefit to the bottom line of your business, your employees will thank you for your investment in their health and safety.

  • Value & ROI

    Darcor casters will cost more to buy than low quality alternatives, however, the benefits of our high performing casters, over the lifetime of your purchase, are obvious. Less expensive, poor performing casters will directly lead to increased workplace injuries and downtime.

  • Availability

    If the timelines for your project are tight, you can trust Darcor to deliver on time and on budget. Whether standard product or a custom solution we can meet your needs.

More detailed information on why you should consider purchasing Darcor’s high performance casters can be found at: http://www.darcor.com/why-choose-darcor-casters/.

Darcor Casters
Darcor Casters